Andrew P. Wilt Designs, Inc. is a new company whose founder has a long and distinguished history of exceptional, high-end, custom residential and hospitality design throughout Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region.

Wilt’s acclaimed career began humbly in 1974 with interior and furniture design. He partnered with renowned architectural designer Stephen Adams to form Adams Design Associates Inc. in 1985, and it was only nine years later when their studio became one of the pioneering design firms in the region. For over 20 years, they expanded their territory from the coasts of California and Baja Mexico to innovative projects in the small town of Playa Tamarindo.

Together, Wilt and Adams created environments that embraced the Pura Vida lifestyle, and over the decades, they developed and refined their own brand of Pacific Rim Tropical design. From casual beach cottages and elegant hilltop estates, to trendy beach clubs and boutique eco-resorts, the demand for their quality design and development expertise was constant.

Steve Adams unexpectedly passed away in 2012 and Andrew Wilt Designs formed to continue the mission and legacy the longtime business partners had practiced together over the decades.

Wilt continues to partner with local builder, Jeff Hutton, from Flor del Pacifico to develop projects from Playa Langosta and Santa Teresa to Hacienda Pinilla and Papagayo.