Andrew P. Wilt’s long-established architectural and interior design career began in 1972.

Returning from a six-month tour of Europe and Morocco, Wilt founded the Athena Studio and Gallery in Encinitas, California. Representing local artists and craftsmen, he designed and made one-of-a-kind furniture, architectural items, light fixtures and decorative flat glass panels. Athena Studio evolved into Andrew Wilt Designs and provided interior design services, in addition to furniture design and fabrication. Projects included restaurants, retail, and residential work.

In 1984, prominent local architect and developer, Stephen W. Adams, invited Wilt to join his design and development team as Interior Designer for the AIA Award-winning Wave Crest resort in Del Mar, California. The team began another successful hospitality project, the Tamarack Beach Resort, in Carlsbad, California, shortly after.

The collaboration of Wilt and Adams flourished in 1985, when Adams Design Associates, Inc. was established with Steve Adams as Principal and Andrew Wilt as Co-Principal and Associate Designer.

For 27 years, Wilt’s management and design talents have been an integral part of hundreds of Adams Design projects, from the Pacific coast’s MJ Ranch in Santa Barbara, California to the Flor Blanca Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Sadly, Steve Adams passed away on September 23, 2012. Andrew Wilt Designs will carry on the work and vision of Adams Design, collaborating with Jeff Adams of Wave Crest Construction in California, and Jeff Hutton of Flor Del Pacifico Construction in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Wilt’s design philosophies continue both the spirit of Steve Adams, as well as the impeccable reputation the two men built over their nearly three decades of work together.